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The ALShow Codecs Included Movie Player plays any video for you without searching for codecs
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28 July 2008

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Do away with time-consuming codec finding process for watching videos with ALShow.
You can now have access to high-quality streaming video and audio from the Internet. There is no need to download new codecs as this program has them all. Playing your movies, video/audio files and DVDs is made simple and just first-click easy by having all required codecs. The online codecs center also makes codecs available for download as and when needed. The videos are smooth and do no stutter while you play. Numerous other features that make this program a must-have are ability to take screenshots of videos, capture movie scenes and import of videos and audios to your own video/audio editors. You can repeat parts of movies with video looping, watch them with subtitles if required as well as learn a foreign language.
It also has a quick learning curve and is user-friendly to operate.

Publisher's description

The ALShow Codecs Included Movie Player lets your watch all your videos, movies, and DVDs without searching for video codecs or audio codecs.
From AVI to XviD, playing movies is first-click easy with codecs for all popular video, audio, and movie formats.
If you do not have the right codecs or video filters, ALShow can recognize them and automatically help you download the right codecs and filters quickly. So you do not have to search the Internet for video codecs.
And ALShow is fast. It loads movies fast and plays movies smoothly. No more video playback stuttering. With ALShow you have clean, smooth video to watch your DVDs and movies in comfort.
If you like to be creative, ALShow does video capture so you can save short movie scenes to share with friends and family. ALShow also does audio capture and screen shots for picture stills from DVDs and movies. You can then import your audio or video to your favorite audio or video editor.
Video looping lets you repeat parts of a movie. For language learning or film studies, video looping can help you get that A.
Captions and subtitles add to the educational value in the ALShow movie player, and you can easily watch foreign language films on your computer. And with ALShow TV Out functionality, you can watch PC videos and movies on your TV. You need a proper video card with a video out jack for this.
Hide ALShow with the ESC key when you are supposed to do homework and that new DVD seems more interesting. ALShow pauses itself, then minimizes to the Windows system tray. Just click to resume playing your DVD movie or video.
Free is free at ALTools. ALShow is free for everyone with no spyware or adware - just a great movie player! Just download ALShow to begin enjoying your DVDs and movies without downloading codecs.
Visit for more about ALShow and other ALTools free PC utilities - ALZip (zip files), ALFTP (FTP utility), ALSee (picture viewer), ALSong (MP3 player), and ALPass.
Version 1.62
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